Who is Dean Graziosi?

Dean Graziosi is one of the most influential positive thinking authors in the world. Even since he was a young man he always thought about achieving success. For this reason, he started multiple businesses before the age of 20 such as a firewood, car repair shop, and real estate enterprises. He is now a multimillionaire thanks to his efforts in the real estate field. Dean is a very good and honest man. Not only is he a multiple times best-selling NY Times author, but he also works on getting the word out when it comes to sharing to people on how to achieve success in life. While oher rich people are thinking only about how to increase their weatlh more, Dean Graziosi is more than willing his story and secrets to having a better life.

He has authored books such as Millionaire Success Habits, Totally Fulfilled, and 30 Days to Real Estate Cash.

He also has numerous courses

Knowledge Business Blueprint

It promises to get you to the $355,000,000 knowledge industry. Platinum access can be had. People have paid $85,000 for it but now people can have it for a fraction of a fraction of that price. Live training by Graziosi also comes with it. It features also Russell Brunson, one of the leading Marketers on the planet.

Underground Milliionaire Mastermind

It is known that you become like the people that surround you. For this reason, the Underground Millionaire Mastermind course will allow you to become part of a group of millionaires without having to pay thousands of dollars to join one.

The DG Inner Circle

It teaches you techniques and tactics to thrive in both your business and your life. It displays the 10 most important habits for a life of fulfillement.

New Product Launch: Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Don’t miss on Dean Graziosi’s new product launch Knowledge Broker Blueprint to be releases on February 27th 2020. He will be working along with Tony Robins one of the most famous positive thinkers in the world. The course is targeted to people from all backgrounds who want to increase their profits from their business. Moreover, it is targeted to those people that have a particular skill, knowledge, or expertise in a field they want to make an impact in. The interesting part is that not only teaches how to become more successful in business but also how to have a positive impact on your community so you will be remember for changing the world for the better! The good thing is that students don’t need to be an expert in their niche. The course will give them a bluprint, as the course’s name implies, for them to run their business successfully.

More than 250,000 people attended the event in which they launched their course and 17,000 individuals have already invested in it even though the course hasn’t been launched yet.

It has marketing techniques and tactics that are worthwhile to review. It comes with a step-to-step plan to put the course into action. Words without execution mean nothing in the business world. As you may have noticed, Dean and Tony are not only successful businessmen, they are top-notch presenters and they will teach the exact method on how to get your point across when you run either an online or offline event.

The course is divided in modules and each module has its own lessons. Most training materials are around 7.5 minutes excluding those in which Dean speaks about Facebook and YouTube ads. Every training video has its own PDF worksheet for exercises and for you to take notes on the examples given. Additionally, there’s a quiz after each lesson so you can test your newly acquired knowledge.

Just so you get a grasp of what this course is about, here are the four modules you can find in it:

1. Extract It

In this module, you will the secrets that have taken Tony Robbins to success. It also encourages you to discover your passion and expertise so you can exploit it to the utmost of your efforts. You will also get the knowledge about the toolbox these two great personalities use every day in their events.

2. Fill It

It teaches you how to become a Marketing expert with the selling framework including the hook, the story, and the close. You may not know how to charge for your event. This module will guide you on that. It shows you the optimal platforms you can use such as Facebook, YouTube, e-mail, affiliate partners and some secrets to reach their full potential. It has pre-built apps and websites that have been proven effective and that you can use for your event. It also has some information on how Russell, Dean, and Tony launch their events and so can you.

3. Run It

In this section, you will learn how to execute what you learned in the second module.

4. Knowledge Broker

This concept came about with the joined work of Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins. It teaches you how to become a broker and how to increase your chances of not getting a “no”. You can broker the knowledge of someone else to start your own business. You will learn about this in this section. Getting a “yes” is very important in business. With the education received in this course, you will be able to improve your probability of getting approved by knowledge brokers. You will also learn the basics of business in a very easy and straight-forward manner. Have into account that Dean has over 30 years of experience as a business man and being as ethical as he is, he will make sure to provide you with the best business advice he can possibly can. You will also get access to a very important and exclusive video featuring Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins in which they share their stories including how they started in businesses, their victories and failures, and insights on this field.

It is important to note that each module includes four basic items that will help you tremendously on your way to becoming an entrepreneur or improving your entrepreneurship status. These are:

1. Action Steps

Theory with no action means nothing in business. You will have to do homework you will actually be grateful for almost each module. You will find the material easier to learn this way.

2. Tools from Knowledge Broker Blueprint

While not every lessons has its tools, when they are tools they are very useful. This way you can get trained in a more practical manner.

3. Audio Version Downloads

You can get the audio version of the lessons given by Tony and Dean with you to listen to repeatedly while you are driving, hiking, etc.

4. Transcript

If you are of the reader type, you may want to download the word-for-word transcripts available for each lesson.

This course comes with an invaluable tool. the MindMint Software. This software allows you to create and plan an event. You can input all information such as attendees data, location, speakers info, etc. Selling your mastermind to your specific audience should be made easier with the sales funnel included in the MindMint software.

With this software you will also be able to gather together your expenses (payments, design, etc.) into one. Also, you will be able to come up with the optimal event formula even if you are creating your event from zero. You can build your agenda in around 15 minutes with the drag and drop feature. Along with pre-built pages, you will also have pre-written e-mails and sales type funnels. And much more!

In order to keep you motivated, the courses offers the opportunity for you to earn badges and points for each completed lesson. You also get these types of rewards for starting your training, passing your first quiz, logging in three days in row, etc. The prize that comes with these points is that you will be able to access additional training material that belongs to the “Power Moves” section of the Members’ area.

So that you get an idea, each of these materials “cost” 1 to 2 points each and teach you about how to improve your productivity fast, how to be more confident, how to become a money master, and much more.

Being part of a group will also make you more eager to discover your true business potential. By hanging around like-minded individuals with the same or similar goals as you have, you will be more lured into putting all of your efforts into your business. There’s an online Knowledge Broker Blueprint Facebook community you will make part of if you decide to take this course.


As you have seen, Dean Graziosi has partnered with Tony Robbins to give you what’s probably the only mastermind course you will ever need to succeed in your business. This industry is worth $129 billion ($356 million daily and according to Forbes it is expected to grow 300% in the next 6 years). Now it is your chance to become a part of it.

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